Cruise Ship TS Hamburg

Scale: 1:250
Designer: Carsten Horn
Skill Level: difficult
Parts: 2308
Length: 780 mm (30.71 inch)
Width: 110 mm (4.33 inch)
Height: 158 mm (6.22 inch)
Instruction: German, English, Photographic instructions
Format: DIN A4
Sheets: 30
Item no.: 3337
Edition: 1st Edition 2016

Paper modelers have been waiting for a decent model of the TS Hamburg now for decades. Our guess is that the very complex hull structure of this most beautiful cruise ship kept publishers and designers away from this big project. Carsten Horn found a great way with his creation to reproduce this special hull true to the original and yet not to difficult to build.

The model highlights:

  • inlcuding pool
  • detailed winches
  • filigree davits
  • detailed funnel
  • original life boats
  • mast with plenty of details

The model of TS Hamburg will win you over with its great level of details and its coherent graphics. The super structure which is quite complex in some parts is not to difficult to build and all in all building this ocean liner is above all a lot of fun. With his eye-catching funnel TS Hamburg will make a great appearance in every modelers show case.

Technical data:

  • Shipyard: Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft, Hamburg
  • Number: 997
  • Commissioning: 22.03.1969
  • Shipping company: Deutsche Atlantik-Linie
  • Length: 194.70 m
  • Width: 26.60 m
  • Draught: 8.50 m
  • Displacement: 25022 BRT
  • Speed: 23.5 kn
  • Power: 23,000 PS
  • Crew: 403
  • Passengers: 652

Axel Bitsch Christensen, the founder of the Hamburg-Atlanic Linie (later Deutsche Atlantik-Linie - DAL), thought about for quite some time about a second ship next to the existing Hanseatic II. Finally in November 1966 the order went to Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft.

At the end of march in 1969 TS Hamburg, the only new design of this shipping company, went on her maiden voyage from Cuxhaven to West Africa and South America. Just a short time later the company started to have financial trouble and sold their other ship - the Hanseatic in 1973 to Home Lines in Panama. On September 1973 the beautiful TS Hamburg was renamed in Hanseatic III.

Unfortunately selling the Hanseatic II didn't really help on the long run and that's why TS Hamburg - now Hanseatic III was sold in 1974 to Black Sea Shipping Co Odessa, UdSSR and renamed in Maxim Gorkiy.

In June 1989 the ship sprang a leak on a cruise around iceland because of drift ice and began to sink. With the help of the Norwegian coast guard ship Senja the ship could be stablilised and managed to make it to Bremerhaven on the 4th of July, 1989 for repairs.

Maxim Gorkiy anchored near Malta in December 1989 and the presidents George Bush and Mikhail Gorbatschow held their summit. Because this the ship was acknowldeged world wide. In December 2008 the contract between the German tour operator Phoenix-Reisen and the Russian shipping company ended and the campaign "Save the HAMBURG" was started. The idea was to bring the ship back to Hamburg in her old home port. But already in February 2009 it became obvious that this plan wouldn't work.

Early in the morning on February 25 in 2009 Maxim Gorki was set ashore in Alang, India for breaking up. Just a few month later the beautiful Hamburg was completely disassembled.