HMV - Hamburger Modellbaubogen Verlag

The HMV brand owned by fentens productions is well known for its accuracy, love of details and papermodels in perfect quality and design. Our famous designers develop beautiful technical and architectural models – and sometimes even something quite special.

It is difficult to imagine the world of precision scale models without thinking of HMV. Our models incorporate a level of detail that delights modelers and admirers the whole world over. Our comprehensive line ranges from classic ironclads to the most modern emergency rescue vessel. From our smallest harbor workboat at less than 1", to our passenger liner Bremen over 45" long we have what you dream of building. Nearly all of our offerings are in the common scale of 1:250, so the models can be compared just like the real thing and dioramas can be as big as your imagination.

Some details like railings, handwheels, declines or shrouds are rather difficult to cut out in 1:250. But it’s these details which bring the model fully to life. With our lasercut sets you can give your models unbelivable realism. Our lasercut sets are produced and developed in our own factory. As they are produced in colormatching card, They don’t need to be colored and you can spent more time building.