HMV - Hamburger Modellbaubogen Verlag

The HMV brand is well known for its accuracy, love of details and papermodels in perfect quality and design. Our famous designers develop beautiful technical and architectural models – and sometimes even something quite special.

It is difficult to imagine the world of precision scale models without thinking of HMV. Our models incorporate a level of detail that delights modelers and admirers the whole world over. Our comprehensive line ranges from classic ironclads to the most modern emergency rescue vessel. From our smallest harbor workboat at less than 1", to our passenger liner Bremen over 45" long we have what you dream of building. Nearly all of our offerings are in the common scale of 1:250, so the models can be compared just like the real thing and dioramas can be as big as your imagination.

I wish you a lot of fun on our website and of course building our models!

Yours Ulrike Fentens

Three new models and a reprint!

With a little delay we have three new models and one long awaited reprint available at HMV. First we have the beautiful TS Hamburg, later renamed in Maxim Gorki. Paper modelers have waited for this model for decades. Carsten Horn took the challenge and designed this beauty. Even though TS Hamburg is his first published model he does have quite some experience in developing big ocean liners. The design was quite a lot of work and especially designing the hull and the ship's sides wasn't exactly easy. We built more than 10 test models until we were satisfied with the result. But now we have a model that in spite of the complex hull and the high level of details is not too difficult to build. It is a real specialty and a new highlight in the HMV range.

Darius Lipinski is probably known to some of you. He designed a few well knwon models some time ago for another publisher. He designed the model of the Agassiz a few years ago and redesigned it for HMV once again. The result is a fantastic model with a very high level of details. Agassiz is a lot of fun to build and our first model of the Royal Canadian Navy in our range.

The little Norwegian steamer Børøysund will be known to some of you perhaps from a visit at Flensburger-Dampf-Rundum. She is an irregular guest there. This model fits perfectly into the HMV range of museum ships. Andreas Jacobsen already worked on two models of Peter Brandt and redesigned or completed them. This is his first attempt for his own design. And he succeeded. The model defenitely earned his place in the HMV show case. 

The first edition was sold in about one year. Now we have reprinted the Steve Irwin in 1/100 scale. A lot of you have waited for this reprint. Now we can offer this big scale model once again!

For Agassiz, Børøysund, and Steve Irwin the Laser Sets are available already. The Set for TS Hamburg is almost finsihed and will be available in a few days.

Long awaited!

Paper modelers have been waiting for a decent model of the TS Hamburg now for decades. Our guess is that the very complex hull structure of this most beautiful cruise ship kept publishers and designers away from this big project. Carsten Horn found a great way with his creation to reproduce this special hull true to the original and yet not to difficult to build.

Available again!

Build your own Steve Irwin! This 59.5 cm (23.5 inches) long and completely colored cardmodel of the Steve Irwin in 1/100 scale is perfect even for supporters without modelling experience.

Finally a Flower Class!

With this highly detailed model kit you can either build the Corvette Agassiz or one of the sister ships Wetaskiwin, Battleford or Levis. It is a wonderful model with a great level of details.

Peter Brandt started this project!

Peter Brandt started this unusual design - Andreas Jacobsen finished it with his knowledge and love to detail. The model presents itself with lots of details and can be build either as full hull or as a waterline model. The Helgoland fits perfectly with Mellum and Nordic.

A little surprise!

This cute little model of the well known Norwegian steamer fits perfectly in our range of HMV museum ships. With its pleasant level of details this models is not too difficult to build and of course perfectly suitable for a little diorama like for exmaple the "Flensburg Dampfrundum".